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Our events are organised with the rational people in Bath and the rural surroundings in mind! Events are open to everybody, no matter what your personal beliefs and opinions on a subject are. 

Talks take place every month at The Westgate on Westgate Street in Bath. Entry to Bath Skeptics in the Pub events is based on a suggested donation of £3. All donations help fund speakers travel costs and allow the comittee to bring in speakers from further afield for future events.

Skeptics in the Pub (SitP) started in London in 1999 and has since spread across the globe - growing especially well in the UK over the last few years. Bath Skeptics in the Pub was formed in May '11. 

Michael Marshall

Tuesday, November 3 2015 at 7:30PM

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38 Westgate Street
(Used to be 'the Rat & Parrot')

Michael Marshall

What's the talk about?

 It’s easy to think of pseudoscience existing in a glass case at a museum – something to be examined and critiqued from a safe distance, but not something to touch and to play with. Using examples taken from his own personal experiences in skepticism, Michael Marshall will show what happens when you begin to crack the surface of the pseudosciences that surround us – revealing the surprising, sometimes-shocking and often-comic adventures that lie beneath.

Michael Marshall is the Project Director of the Good Thinking Society and the Vice President of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. He regularly speaks with proponents of pseudoscience for the Be Reasonable podcast. His work has seen him organising international homeopathy protests and co-founding the popular QED conference. He has written for the Guardian, The Times and New Statesman.

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